Property Rental Checklist

So you need somewhere to live and either don’t wish to buy a place at present, or quite simply don’t have the money to do so yet.  If this is you, investigating Sydney rental properties is the obvious solution.  However, deciding that you want to rent in the NSW capital is only the first step in finding your ideal rental property.  In the following paragraphs, we will outline some of the other things that you might want to consider before you settle with a landlord.


First of all, you need to consider where exactly you want to be.  Would you like your new Sydney accommodation to be near the beach as you hanker for the surf lifestyle of Bondi or Manly, or do you prefer the buzz and energy of the city with its great shopping, restaurants and entertainment?  Is it important for you to be near your place of work?  Do you want quick access out of Sydney at the weekends?  Do you have friends or family that you would like to be renting close to – or as far away as possible from?

Added to these fairly general questions should be factors such as your familiarity with the city.  Have you got a favourite part of Sydney?  Some people love the Eastern suburbs and would hate to rent anywhere else, whilst others feel more comfortable in the family friendly environs of the North Shore or Sutherland Shire.  Before deciding on the type of Sydney rental property you’d like to lease, knowing where you’d prefer to rent is a great starting point.

Type of Accommodation

What kind of rental property are you looking for?  If it is just you, would you be happy in a groovy Sydney studio apartment or loft conversion, or would you even be interested in shared accommodation?  If you have a family, would you still be happy with a rental apartment or do you feel that a house would suit your needs better?  Do you have a pet?  If yes, that might limit the Sydney rentals available to you as well as restricting your own choice – after all, if you have a large dog, the chances are that you will need a garden for it and that rules out rental properties such as small inner city units.

Price Range

Clearly, how much money you have to spend on your rental house or apartment could well have a huge effect on where in Sydney you end up renting.  You might fancy a furnished apartment with water views on Sydney’s Lower North shore only to find that for the same money, you could move into the world of house rental just a couple of suburbs further out.

You don’t have to be in Sydney long before you realize that some areas of the city are incredibly expensive to live in, whether you are looking at property to rent or buy.  Our advice is to shop around and not just set your heart on one location or particular style of housing.  Being a little bit flexible with your wishlist can often get you far more rental property for your dollars.


It is important for you to have access to good public transport links for work or study?  Rental houses and apartments close to trains, main bus routes and ferry stops tend to be at a premium and you should factor that additional cost into your rent budgeting if they are essential to you.  If you plan to drive to work, being near a fast road into your place of business is also worth considering.

Other Amenities

Other factors to think about when looking for Sydney rentals include things like the proximity of schools, if you have younger children, whether or not there are sports facilities in the neighbourhood, if you’re into physical exercise and where the nearest shops are.