Sydney Rental Properties

Even though the Sydney property market is once again warming up for a bumper summer with sales figures picking up, the rental sector is still going strong.  Sydney is such a fabulous city and attracts so many new residents each year that it’s just not possible for everyone to buy their dream home straight away and so the demand for quality rental properties continues, even in times of comparatively low interest rates, such as these.

Sydney accommodation is extremely varied; there are executive apartments in the CBD and trendy warehouse conversions on old industrial sites, there are rental units with views of the ocean and beach houses meters from the sand, there are inner city suburbs packed with cute 2 bedroom houses which are perfect for professional couples and outer city areas where you can find a family house on a bigger block.

Given the enormous choice, we have decided to break this section of our website down into smaller, more manageable chunks, in the hope that it will make your research into Sydney rental properties easier.  Please come back and visit, as we plan to add new sub-sections as time goes on, in an attempt to keep our information as up to date as possible.

  Property Rental Checklist

So you need somewhere to live and either don’t wish to buy a place at present, or quite simply don’t have the money to do so yet. If this is you, investigating Sydney rental properties is the obvious solution. However, deciding that you want to rent in the NSW capital is only the first step in finding your ideal rental property. In the following paragraphs, we will outline some of the other things that you might want to consider before you settle with a landlord.