Things to Consider With Sydney Holiday Accommodation

Sydney’s position on the coast and her astonishing geography mean that she has a great variety of holiday rentals. If you wish to see the sights of the Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay, then renting an inner city apartment might be the best option. In contrast, if you are looking for a beach holiday, then you could be in the market for a unit with views out over a bay or a beach house on the water’s edge.

There are 3 main things to consider when researching Sydney holiday rentals:


Obviously, you will want your holiday rental to be close to whichever of Sydney’s many attractions you wish to enjoy. The best thing to do before you start surfing the ‘Net for a serviced apartment or run down seaside shack is work out exactly what you want to see whilst in Sydney and then look for accommodation nearby. If you want to sample her beach life, then you’ll want a holiday house or apartment close to the ocean and if you’re planning to take in the tourist sights around the ‘Harbour you’ll need either harbourside or CBD accommodation.

Length of Stay

Will you be visiting the Harbour City for just a couple of days, or for a few weeks? Sydney has plenty of short-term accommodation and if you’re looking to rent somewhere for only a few days, a serviced apartment might be a good idea.

The Sydney holiday house market caters particularly well to the weekend away type of vacationer and many beach homes, villas and holiday apartments make the majority of their bookings (aside from school holidays) from short break tourists. There are a number of websites that offer reviews and booking facilities for weekend rental properties and you’ll find that most tariffs assume that you will be spending at least a 2-night weekend at the holiday home, rather than a simple overnighter.

It’s also worth remembering that if you’re only planning a short break in Sydney it might actually work out cheaper and more convenient to go straight past the holiday rentals and book a hotel room instead.

When You Are Visiting

Both the range of rental properties available and the price that you’ll pay for them will be affected by when you plan to take your Sydney holiday. If you wish to be in Sydney during the peak school holiday periods, you should ensure that you book your holiday rental well ahead of schedule or you may find that all of the prime properties are already taken.

If you can be flexible about your travel arrangements, especially if you can getaway at short notice, a smart move is to make the most of one of the many last minute accommodation deals that are so popular these days. From luxury Sydney hotels, through to holiday homes and beachside apartments, many places offer great cut price accommodation deals if they still have vacancies only a week or 2 away. And after all, the less you spend on where you stay, the more you can spend on going out and enjoying this amazing city.