Sydney Furniture Rentals

Furniture hire is a booming business, with lots of rental companies in Sydney and elsewhere offering everything from household accessories to rent by the week to fully equipped offices on a 12 month lease or longer. Whilst it might seem strange to rent furniture rather than buy it, there are a number of reasons why clients might choose to do so:

Furniture Rental Can Save You Money

Whether you are looking to furnish a home or an office, hiring furniture rather than rushing out and buying it all in one go can save you a lot of money. Whilst it might be lovely to own a brand new lounge suite or dining table and chairs, sometimes finances just don’t allow it – especially if you have just bought your first home or have moved into a new rental property. Furniture hire can provide a vital stopgap and give you the freedom to move into your new home but also provide you with the basics until you can afford to buy them outright. This rent now, buy later strategy can be particularly effective for high end luxury items such as plasma TVs and white goods, where changing technology and fashions can mean that the fridge that you paid a small fortune for 18months ago is now looking dated.

Similarly, office equipment rental can save a business a huge amount of money when it is first setting up in its own premises. Again, a good furniture hire company will carry all the latest ‘must-have’ items as soon as they hit the stores – from ergonomic chairs to the latest computers – keeping your workspace current without you having to replace things constantly.

Items Are Easily Replaced

If you own something, say a bed or a lamp, and it breaks you have to go through the inconvenience of either getting it repaired or getting a new one. If you still have the warranty, it is only a waste of your time. However, if the item is no longer under warranty, you have little choice but to buy the damaged furniture again or make do without it.

With hire furniture, the solution is much easier. Things that no longer work satisfactorily can be replaced quickly and easily. Obviously, there may be costs involved in this, depending on the terms of the rental agreement, but even so, it should be cheaper than having to go and an buy the piece of furniture again yourself.

The Perfect Quick Makeover

When the time comes to either sell your home or put it up for rent, you may take a look around and feel that the furniture that you currently own doesn’t really do the property justice – this is where furniture rentals Sydney can help you. Hiring furniture for the duration of a property’s marketing period can be a great way or increasing interest in the house or unit. These days, many real estate agents have interior designers who they work with regularly and whose professional services are offered to prospective home sellers to help them get the best price for their property. Indeed, watch any home makeover program on television and once the tradesmen leave the first thing to arrive is the furniture hire company to deliver all the designer items that will complete the home’s new look. If it is good enough for the professionals, it’s good enough for you – so consider furniture rental to give your home a competitive edge when it comes to selling or renting it.